Booragoon Lions Club Inc

District 201W2, Western Australia, Australia

City of Melville Citizens Relief Fund

The City of Melville Citizens Relief Fund (Inc) is a community organisation established in 1982, to assist the citizens of the City of Melville, in time of personal financial crisis. In 31 years, the fund has distributed a total of $561,238.71 in emergency funding. It receives income and support through emergency relief grants, Lotterywest, City of Melville Community Partnership Grant, Woolworths, Lions Club of Booragoon and other donations.

The fund is Chaired by City of Melville Councillor, Clive W Robartson AM LGM. Lion Bob Street (Booragoon Lions) and  Dawn Street hold the positions of Deputy Chairman and  Hon Secretary respectively.

Food parcel distribution has been an integral and vital component of the relief provided to the people in need across the City. It has involved many helpers over the years it has been in operation with particular generous volunteer support given by Lion Bob and Dawn Street (pictured below).  

CITIZENS RELIEF FUND MISSION: To direct community resources to provide help to people in the community in need.


-  To promote and undertake or assist in promoting and undertaking emergency relief to people in financial need within the City of Melville of both sexes, irrespective of creed, class or colour, in times of crisis.
-  To promote and assist the general good or people in financial need by assisting the work of statutory authorities and voluntary organisations engaged in respect of emergency relief to people within the City of Melville in providing relief for poverty, distress or sickness, or in pursuing any objects which are benevolent.
-  To promote and organise Co operation in the achievement of the above purposes and to that end bring together in Committee, representatives of the authorities engaged in the furtherance of the above objects or any of them.
-  To provide cash or other assistance to persons in need in times of crisis.
-  To promote and carry out or assist in promoting and carrying out surveys relating to people in financial need and arrange for forwarding to the proper authorities and organisations the relevant facts regarding such cases and caused of distress as it appears to be within the power of those authorities and organisation to alleviate.